butternutballs-deactivated20120: Hey i love you're blog, I love to wakeboard also .. How'd you learn to do so many cool tricks? & How long have you been wakeboarding?[:

Thanks heaps :)
Most of these photos aren’t me, there just photos I have taken at events as part of the media crew. I wish I was that good!
I have been wakeboarding for about 3 years now though :) 

Anonymous: i know it doesn't seem like it but i miss you everyday :(

Who is this?

shredding-the-nw: well i can't do 3's but i can on a snowboard sooo i'm gunna try them on a wakeboard this summer!

Hahaha I’m doing the opposite, I can’t on a snowboard so I’m trying them this winter :) Do you get to wakeboard much in Summer? 

shredding-the-nw: I LOVE YOUR BLOG, and the fact that you can shred harder than me on a wakeboard, why can't there be more girls like you?:) hahaha

Aww thank you, that means more than you can imagine. I’m trying to only use my own photos for it :) It’s like my little online portfolio and when people reblog my photos it makes me feel really good about them!  Your blog is awesome too, it has some of my pics on it, yayayay!

I totally know right, there’s just no girls keen to board anymore.
It’s fun being one of few though haha. If you come to Australia you’ll have to come for a board, lol!

My Photos

All the photos on my Tumblr are my own.
Wakeboard photography is my #1 Passion! 

It makes me feel pretty special when people reblog them :) 

Thanks guys!

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